X-Ray System


The TOSMICRON-CH4090FD is an easy-to-use model for inspecting chip circuit boards. Incorporating Toshiba’s X-ray sensing technology, the TOSMICRON-CH4090FD is ideal for inspecting solder on chip circuit boards and provides clear images of BGAs and soldering conditions.

The outstanding user interface simplifies and improves the efficiency of X-ray inspection.


  • Chip mounted boards
  • BGAs
  • Electronic parts
  • Devices
  • Sensors
  • Resins


High-performance X-ray generator

The TOSMICRON-CH4090FD incorporates a micro-focus sealed-tube X-ray generator with an output of 90 kV.
This X-ray generator is maintenance-free and easy to handle.

Flat panel detector

With a flat panel detector that provides high image rendering capability, the TOSMICRON-CH4090FD delivers clear images without distortion.

Multi-angle inspection

The TOSMICRON-CH4090FD can capture images along the X, Y, and Z axes as well as at oblique angles.

Rich features

The TOSMICRON-CH4090FD has a range of features, including tracking, mapping, and BGA void measurement functions.