NEXRAY PTE LTD, an established organization representing and also a co-manufacturer of equipment, machinery & tools for PCB Assembly & Semiconductor Industry.

About Us

The Singapore office was established in Year 2004, the organization grows progressively and has evolved ourselves into a one-stop solution provider for the PCB Assembly & Semiconductor Industries, products ranging from Analsysis Instrument to Inspection equipment.

NEXRAY PTE LTD, in line with it’s mission to be a leading one-stop solution provider for PCB Assembly & Semiconductor Industries.


Our mission is centered on customers’ needs, service quality and efficient distribution to offer customers an efficient service and confidence in our products. We provide consultation service on total PCB Assembly Solution & Semiconductor Industries.

We satisfy customers with quality product and services at the right price, thereby creating a win-win situation among customers, suppliers and us.


ISO Certified, Research & Development Laboratory & Production of Electronic Electrical Equipment & Vision Software.

In 2010, Nexray Pte Ltd have upgraded the ISO certification from 9001:2000 to 9001:2008 Certificate.
In 2010, September, Nexray Pte Ltd have attained ISO 14001 for Environmental Assurance Certificate.
In 2010, October, Nexray Pte Ltd have attained ISO 18001 for OHSAS Health & Safety Certificate.
In 2005, a Research & Development laboratory was set up with, one of our major principals who specializes in X-ray Radiation, Optical Imaging Device & Equipment Software, to extend better & faster service to customers. Being certified ISO 9001:2000 in December 2005.

In 2009, Nexray Singapore established a production and software division in collabration with our Japan Principal.

Continuously Training

To maintain a high level of service quality, we have always invested extensively in training on our dedicated and experienced engineers technically as well as products knowledge, jointly with both local and overseas principals.

Wide Network

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our supportive & valued customers who help us to expand our market from Singapore to other corners of the world. Today, we have 5 offices and 3 service centers around the Asian countries. Products are sold and supported in countries through networks in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and China.