Robotic/Selective Soldering Systems

Apollo Seiko Series
L-CAT EVO – Versatile in-Line Selective Solder Robot ®
Defining the soldering parameters is fast & simple due to the intuitive interface of the EVO robot.  The EVO has evolved from a long line of selective solder robots.

All of the cables are internally routed via the Z-axis head and will not tangle in rotation.  The EVO has a program capacity of 100 programs and 100,000 points total to meet virtually all PCB soldering requirements.  The soldering temperature can be customized inside each of the 300 soldering profiles to provide optimal quality & cycle time for virtually all applications.

X & Y motors with high accuracy rotary encoders achieve 0.01mm resolution (repetablility 0.02 mm) with a maximum speed 750 mm/sec.