SMT Mounter

Mirae MX series

  • High productivity application unit area
  • Dual Gantry & Dual Conveyor
  • Cost Effective Mounter
  • 6 axes modular head on each gantry
  • LSM2 available on Mx400L
  • Mx400P & Mx400LP
    • 6 axes modular head on front gantry and 3 axes
      precision head on rear gantry
    • Option
      3 axes precision head on each gantry

Mirae MAI series

Machine definition

  • A hybrid machine that utilizes highly reliable SMT Mounter technology for through hole type component insertion.
  • Maximized manufacturing quality to SMT level accuracy by using dual inspection technologies ( vision and laser )


  • Component inspection with Vision Camera
  • Lead Inspection with Laser Align Unit & Laser Vision
  • Component height inspection with Z Height Measurement Device ( ZHMD ) after placement