Inspection Machines


H580i - 2D Inline Automatic Optical Inspection

# 3D Inline AOI is Available now !!!

H580i & H480i

H480i - Desktop Automatic Optical Inspection

With Matrix image difference modelling technology, colour extraction analysis technology, debugging time is shorter, higher inspection speed, misjudge/error rate is lower, pass through rate is higher, supports camera bar code recognition, skip mark detection and many more features.


  • Matrix Imaging Difference Method
  • Colour Extraction Method
  • Higher Detection Rate with High Speed Inspection
  • Simple Programming and User Friendly
  • Capable of Handling M to L Size Boards
  • Preset Standard Model Library
  • Low Over-Reject Rate and High Reliability
  • High Volume Inspection Machine
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Low Maintenance Cost