Solder Paste Inspection

Hurricane 3D SPI H680

Overall Description

  • High precision control platform and High Speed camera
  • 3-Dimensional measurement system
  • User friendly GUI and simple operation
  • SPC Report support
  • Double projective structure grating system

High Precision control platform

The motion platform adopts the servo motor and high precision ball screw structure , high-speed , stable , no vibration , no noise. With the high precision grating closed-loop feedback system , the movement precision can reach 1um.

High definition , High speed camera

High frame rate industrial camera and lens to achieve the high speed photography ,
self-owned intellectual property RGB light can get2D & 3D
true color image which look realistic. The GPU parallel processing
technique can greatly improve the speed of calculation and detection

Double Projective structure grating system

The N step phase shifting algorithm base on the white light moiré fringe technique , providing 1um high speed accuracy. There are multiple grating for option to deal with light and shadow.

Humanized GUI

The software can create the PAD information automatically by input the CAD file ( in dxf ) or the Gerber file ( In RS274-D , RS274-X ), only need to set inspect parameters to finish the programming.

True color 3D Image

Phase measuring profilometry ( PMP ) based on the sinusoidal motion projection by structure grating , the multiple images by discrete phase shift , to calculate the phase distribution by multi-phase , the triangulation and so on the get the high-precision outline and volume of the object to be measured , and shown the 3D true colour.