Company's Policy
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At NEXRAY, we aim to work in the most efficient and ethically correct way we can within our industry.

Our aim, like that of any business, is to make a profit. We do believe however, that in fulfilling this aim, we need to maintain awareness of the social and environmental implications of the work we do. As such we have developed our own mandate for adhering to this as best we can.

We refurbish equipment that otherwise may be scrapped or disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly way. After going through our refurbishment process the re-cycled product is re-sold at a discounted price to our clients, who choose this re-cycled product over the new product that we also supply. Refurbished quipment has been, and is, supplied by us to related PCB assembly, Semiconductor & Medical Industries. We also supply this equipment to Regional NMC companies across the board; from large blue chip companies, to small Start-ups. All our refurbished products carry the same warranty as the new products we supply – thus allowing the purchase of re-cycled products with the same confidence as new products. This removes the uncertainty and reason for not purchasing re-cycled

As well as our ethical policy towards our product, we also maintain the same standard to our staff. To this end we:

No child labor: Comply with local minimum age laws & requirement and do not employ child labor.

Working hours : Do not require workers to work more than maximum hours & compensate our workers with allowances/benefits when overtime requirement.

No discrimination: Employ people not on the basis of their sex, creed, race, religion or beliefs, but on the basis of their suitability for the position required.

No harsh or inhumane treatment: Prohibit physical abuse, harassment or the threat of either.

Freedom of association: Respect the rights of workers to organize in labor unions in accordance with local laws.


Business Policy:

In terms of the ethic policy, we employ same policy when operating our business; we believe we offer a fair and trustworthy alternative to our competitors. When purchasing product we pay our suppliers on time, and do not aim to profit by malice in any way.